Work It, Wednesday: 1-18-2011

ESPN is a pretty incredible place to work, filled with smart people, creative ideas and plenty of joking around. On Wednesdays, I’ll give you a little snapshot into what I’m working on, as well as things/links I discovered during my day at the office.

Right now, I’m working on College GameDay for basketball. It’s on every Saturday morning and evening, broadcasting from a different college campus for the rest of the season. The show is in Pittsburgh for the Louisville-Pitt game Saturday night. My role is preparing video, building graphics, discussing topics with the hosts and producers, and preparing everything so it can hit the road each Friday. This weekend, the struggling home team (the Panthers are 0-6 in Big East play) will definitely be a topic of conversation.

I don’t travel every week, but next week I’ll be making my first-ever business trip (!!!) to Tucson, AZ for the Washington-Arizona show on January 28. It’ll be great to get the experience of being on the road, and exchanging snowed-on trees for cacti and palm trees :) I’ll make sure to post some pictures.

Here’s what else caught my eye…

The combination of Rob Lowe tweeting about Peyton Manning’s possible retirement, and the Parks and Recreation hilarity that ensued, had me giggling aloud and getting strange looks from coworkers. This happens more often than it should.

Wondering who the nation’s leading scorer is? He doesn’t go to a Power Six school, and last year he missed significant time with an injury. Meet Weber State’s Damian Lillard.

The incredible story of a man who hiked Everest, swam the English Channel, and biked from France to Nepal…the World Triathlon, as he called it.

I loved Vernon Davis balling so hard on Saturday. Here, he sings Adele with teammate Joe Staley. Enjoy, or don’t enjoy. It’s hilarious either way.

We have a Starbucks on campus. This is both a blessing and a curse…a delicious treat in the middle of the day, is also four dollars out of your pocket on a daily basis. I try to limit myself to every other day. That is often not successful.

How was your Wednesday at work? Find anything fun? Discover anything new?

One Response to Work It, Wednesday: 1-18-2011

  1. I didn’t have a very eventful Wednesday at work other than not getting a darn thing done. (oops!) I absolutely love your youtube video!! :) Thanks for sharing!

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