Goals: Intention Makes All the Difference.

At the end of 2011, I read this and I fell in love. With the concept, the simplicity, the accountability involved. I distinctly remember filling out my own in an airport, flying back to Connecticut right after spending Christmas in Florida. The people sitting at the gate with me must have thought I was some kind of crazy person, typing away with my pupils the size of saucers…OMG 2012 IS GOING TO BE THE BEST EVERRRRR.

To be honest, today – April 14, 2012 – is the first time I opened up the document since. The post suggested opening it up on the first of every month, and figuring out how to make progress towards each item on the list. As it turns out, I’ve already accomplished some of my goals, completely forgetting I had written them down before the year even started.

Coincidence? I think not.

Here’s what I can cross off my original list:

Go meatless one day per week. – Haven’t keep super detailed tabs on this, but I am eating a lot more vegetables and experimenting with different ways to cook them. Also, I tried chickenless chicken tenders. AMAZING.

Start investing and get more into personal finance. - I opened up a Roth IRA, and budgeted how much money I need to save every month for what I call my “Oh, Sh*t” fund, for non-huge but unexpected expenses (oil changes, taxes, etc.). I also read I Will Teach You to be Rich, which made things dead simple and validated a lot of what I was already doing. Straight cash, homey.

Attend BiSC, SXSW or BlogHer. - This is the one I’m most excited about, and most proud of. I registered for Bloggers in Sin City in January, not knowing if I could get all the days off at work. I signed up and booked a flight anyway.

Lo and behold, the May schedules are out, and I have all the days off I need, plus the following Monday to recover. Deep down, I knew if I was meant to go, there was nothing stopping me. So here’s to looking at you, universe.

Develop friendships with other bloggers. - After signing up for BiSC, a group of New York City-based BiSCuits (and others visiting NYC) arranged to have dinner, and even though the city is three hours from me, it’s always worth it. I decided to count myself in, and it’s one of best decisions I’ve made all year. Incredible food, genuine laughter and the honest conversations of getting to know each other. Everyone is just as awesome and fun to hang out with as their Twitter timelines made them seem.

Travel to New Orleans. – One of the best trips I’ve ever had. It was for work, but I think that’s part of what made it special: how proud I was finishing up the college basketball season.

At the time, spending that half hour in the airport, where my brain was flying around with genuine excitement and all the things I wanted to do in the next twelve months, was just something to cross off my to-do list. Four and a half months later, I have to think it’s a big reason why 2012 has been so good to me.

To more of doing whatever it is you really want to do…Cheers.

This post was inspired by a prompt from Doniree Walker. Want to be inspired, too? Click here to view more details. Note: I’m an affiliate of Doniree’s, because I think she’s fantastic. I wouldn’t vouch for something that I didn’t think would help you, too :)

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