Transitions: Going Pro, Getting Out and What’s Next

On the eve of the NBA Draft, I find myself thinking about what it’s like…deciding to become a professional, served with a side of pressure from millions of people who don’t know you, and oh yeah, becoming really freaking famous. Sure, these kids have a lot of money waiting for them and get to pursue their dream, but god that’s a lot to deal with.

If I went to Syracuse for a year, decided I was ready to be a TV producer right then and there, and just start at a super small market and learning on the fly…I mean, that’s crazy talk for me. I needed college to learn, adapt to new environments, transition, and just figure shit out. All of that I did, and I still felt like I was thrown into the fire during my first job.

I sort of like it that way, though, and I think that’s the mindset the draftees have to take. This is the way transition, big or small, has always worked for me…do what you can, ask a lot of questions, take some risks, find a few people you really click with, and use your family and trusted friends to help you along the way. It’s not easy, but just taking things one day at a time, first steps, is huge progress.

On the subject of transitions, summer has arrived! Cue all of my giggling and happy dancing. The past two mornings, I’ve awoken to epicness: borderline apocalyptic thunderstorms, and gorgeous sunlight streaming through my windows (totally underrated: not setting an alarm and allowing the brightness to wake you. One of my favorite things). I went to a Connecticut beach for the first time last week…it wasn’t Cape Cod, but a lovely, much closer alternative. I’ve made the season’s first batch of homemade iced coffee, which just makes every morning easier.

Summer also means it’s halfway through 2012. First of all, holy hell where did the year go. Second of all, when I think about the start of the year, I’ve done a lot, and I haven’t really noticed it until now. It’s taken me month at home to recognize everything that’s happened.

I’ve got travel fever, and the only prescription, is MORE TRAVEL. What started as a couple trips for work turned into me being mesmerized by just about every place I visit, near and far. From New Orleans to Newport, Las Vegas to my brother’s new house in Arlington, VA, all the places I’ve been have had fantastic moments. It’s been a transition from being comfortable at home, to fitting in as many new places as possible. No major trips on deck at the moment, but Ireland, Italy and San Francisco are all possibilities in 2013.

Operation GROSS (Get Rid of Sh*tty Sh*t), in which I get rid of all the things, particularly clothes, that just don’t cut it anymore. I’ve decided I’m done with things that make me go “meh”. Life is too short for meh. Shirt that’s too big? Get out. Jeans that fit but don’t flatter? Adios. Magazines I know I’ll never read? Peace out, homies.

I’ll go over Operation GROSS in more detail soon. It’s been quite enjoyable. I have more energy and sleep better without the things I don’t need. Go figure. Less stuff = more room for awesome.

New opportunities: SEIZE THEM. It started by registering to go to Las Vegas with strangers. Then making sh*t happen with strangers in New York. Both of those yielded breakthroughs, friendships and a ferocious appetite for adventures. This summer, it’s pole dancing. Copywriting. Possible promotions. I crave the anxious feeling newness gives me. It means I’m doing something right. It means I’m challenging myself.

So future NBA stars and transitioners everywhere…best wishes on your new adventures. And a special shout out to NBA prospect Royce White, who could be drafted by my Celtics and seems like one of the most unique, multi-talented and interesting prospects in a long time. His story is well-worth a read.

What’s your favorite part of the transition to summer? What sort of transitions are you going through? Let me know in the comments.

This post was inspired by a prompt from Doniree Walker. Want to be inspired, too? Click here to for more details. Note: I’m an affiliate of Doniree’s, because I think she’s fantastic. I wouldn’t vouch for something that I didn’t think would help you, too :)

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  1. I’m taking Ash’s workshop too–I’m stoked! Hope things are going well for you so far!

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