Traditions, With An Open Invitation to My Friends

It would make sense for me to be a “tradition” person. I am a creature of habit for the most part, so having something to do regularly with friends seems like it would be a part of my life.

The thing is, with most of my nearby friends being coworkers, and the wacky scheduling of working in live TV, it’s damn near impossible to get a group of people together. When it does happen, it’s usually epic. There is dancing and vodka involved.

Traditions I would like to start?



Friday nights at the Hooker Brewery.

A monthly outing to cross something off the Connecticut Bucket List.

When I lived in smallish-town North Carolina for 18 months, traditions were much easier to come by. I think the traditions, along with my roommate’s adorable dog Sam, are the only things that kept me sane during that time. Most of my coworkers and I were navigating being full-blown adults for the first time, so we stuck together.

Game night. We had an almost-weekly game night that was just as awesome as it’s about to sound. There was usually no booze, only Kool-Aid (it better have been fruit punch and not strawberry, or I was not a happy camper). Despite the lack of alcohol, things tended to get super inappropriate really quickly, and hence, I’d wake up Sunday mornings with a sore stomach from laughing so hard.

Beach trips. Every venture to Emerald Isle or Atlantic Beach involved at least three things (or a combination, ideally)…1) getting coffee on the way down or getting pizza on the way home 2) beer. Lots and lots of beer. 3) Sunburns. 4) Someone having to pee on the way home and the steadfast refusal of whoever’s driving to stop.

Greenville. Question: what do you get when you have a group of recent college grads working their tails off, making overnight trips to a ridiculous college town? Answer: cheesy tots, uncomfortably-close dancing with guys still in college, some live music and tremendous breakfasts the next morning.

One of my words for 2013 is connection…I want to strengthen and embrace the relationships I have, and make new ones. So, Connecticut friends reading this…which one of the above sounds good to you? I’ll do my best to get it started :)

This post was inspired by a prompt from Doniree Walker. Want to be inspired, too? Click here to for more details. Note: I’m an affiliate of Doniree’s, because I think she’s fantastic. I wouldn’t vouch for something that I didn’t think would help you, too :)

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