An Ode to Apps

I am sitting snuggled on my sister’s couch at her house in Denver, her dog Mr. T at my feet. I am happier and more exhausted than I’ve been in a long time. I’ve been here since Thursday, my birthday, and every day has been better than the next. Put simply, I love my sister and we’ve been doing all the wonderful things.

As I was packing for the trip, I went back-and-forth between bringing my laptop. I ended up leaving it at home, opting for my Kindle Fire instead. Between that and my iPhone, I’ve been set. It wasn’t until this trip that I truly discovered how powerful and mini-computer-like the Fire is. How have these handy devices and apps made my trip even more awesome?

Via Facebook, I got off the plane to dozens of notifications from people wishing me a happy birthday. I also found out my best friend got a new puppy.

Via Foursquare, I’ve checked in to just about everywhere we’ve gone. It’s kind of like an abbreviated travel journal.

Via Twitter and the radio, I listened intently to ALL OF THE FOOTBALL. It felt really exciting not to see any of the games until after they were over…

…Via WatchESPN and SportsCenter. I fell asleep each night with my head on one pillow and my phone on the other, letting the highlights ease me into dreaming.

Via Yelp, I found us a spot for breakfast on the way to dog sledding. Yes, you heard that right, DOG SLEDDING. Bacon, egg and cheddar wraps FTW. Also…huskies FTW.

Via Evernote, I’ve been keeping up with my gratitude journal. I simply write something I’m thankful for each night. It really puts me in a good state of mind before I go to bed.

Via WordPress, I’ve been tip-tapping out this very post.

Other than those…

Pandora keeps me sane at work.

Instagram keeps me smiling.

Google Maps, in conjunction with my GPS Midge, keep me going in the right direction.

Mint keeps me on budget, and tells me if I can buy those Frye boots I’ve been swooning over for months.

TeuxDeux and Paperless keep my to-do and grocery lists fun to finish.

Also, I registered for another ridiculous weekend at Bloggers in Sin City in May…on my Fire. My inner nerd geeked out over booking something so amazing on such a small device. So excited to see people I met last year and meet new friends.

What are your apps you can’t live without?

One Response to An Ode to Apps

  1. Instagram, my weather app, buzzfeed app for silly news and all my photo apps, and twitter make my life easier.

    Also, YAY VEGAS!!

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