San Francisco By the Numbers

I had only spent one day of my life in San Francisco, before I just spent the last six there with my best friend, her husband and their new puppy. That one day six years was quintessential California: sun-splashed, so busy and yet so laid back at the same time. I always say I am SUCH an East Coast person, and I am, but nearly a week on the other side has me feeling ALL THE WARM AND FUZZIES towards The City.

A breakdown of some memorable moments of the trip (some numbers approximate):

Two…days I saw fog. The local forecasters called the week “spring-like.” Coming from the dead of Connecticut winter, the weather could not have been better.

No fog, no problem.

No fog, no problem.

Six…times I stopped during my initial walk of the city through Pacific Heights. To just stare. Sometimes pictures aren’t necessary.

15-20…beers I tasted at a beer tasting. Which was followed by chicken tacos slathered in guacamole. And a little more beer. Pretty much my most college night ever…since college.

23ish…fries consumed on one night of burgers. There were truffle fries ON MY ACTUAL BURGER (also on this actual burger: avocado, gruyere, carmelized onions, dijon mustard…basically decadence on a bun), then regular fries, sweet potato fries and zucchini fries on the side. I had a chocolate milkshake too. Still full.

26ish…sea lions, whose chorus of howls scared Penny the puppy (henceforth known as Miss Penny) to the point where she refused to take another step in their direction.

The locals at Pier 39. They're pretty loud.

The locals at Pier 39. They’re pretty loud.

36ish…sea lions, whose chorus of howls scared Penny the puppy (henceforth known as Miss Penny) to the point where she refused to take another step in their direction.

55ish…steps I took out onto the Golden Gate Bridge. This astounds me, as it didn’t occur to me that, you know, YOU COULD ACTUALLY WALK ON THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, until I actually did.

60ish…pieces of art we “appreciated” at the simply gorgeous de Young Museum at Golden Gate Park, which looks a living, breathing recreation of Jurassic Park. By appreciated, I mean giggled at, made inappropriate jokes about/funny noises at, enjoyed the art featuring dogs.

Going under the Golden Gate.

Going under the Golden Gate.

118…pieces/sections of avocado eaten. Sorry I’m not sorry.

120…Pictures in my iPhoto album.

Lost count…of the number of times we drank during a Ray-Lewis-centric Super Bowl drinking game, successfully administered by yours truly.

Endless…Miss Penny kisses, laughter, carb comas, burning thighs (man, those hills…#TheStruggleIsReal), jaw-dropping scenery, nostalgic moments. An enormous thank you to my beautiful friends Kiley and Adam for showing me their beautiful city. I will be back some time in the summer for a Giants game, wine tasting and a visit to a store called Meggie.


6 Responses to San Francisco By the Numbers

  1. Yup. SF is pretty fantastic. :)

  2. yay, sounds like a successful visit. :-) glad you will be returning soon!

  3. YAY! Sounds like the perfect visit. SF is amazing and I can’t wait to get back there.

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