My Facebook Relationship, My New Favorite App, and The Hot Mess Index

I am so damn happy it’s Monday. Last week was not my finest moment – I registered a 2013 season-high on the Hot Mess Index, a highly advanced metric a few coworkers and I use to gauge our level of sanity and overall shit-togetherness. I had a green smoothie this morning, went to the gym and am now ready to write again. Hurrah!

An interesting thing happens when I get very busy at work; for a four- or five-day stretch, I go to work, come home, and immediately go to bed. Repeat. Go to work, go to bed, go to work, go to bed. This leaves very little time for fun Internet-y things like Facebook and Pinterest. Twitter stays, because I can legitimately say I get a lot of my sports info from it, plus cute animal videos.

What I had been doing was just going on Facebook once or twice during the day, then consuming the rest of everyone’s updates, photos and links in bulk before I went to bed.

Not anymore!

I have recently committed to getting not only more sleep, but more quality sleep.  There’s an iPhone app that my true nerd self thinks is the bee’s knees…it’s called Sleep Cycle. It tracks the stages and quality of your sleep through the accelerometer in the phone, and wakes you up when you are in your lightest phase of sleep so you don’t feel like death when you wake up. Genius, right? You get a graph of when you were lightly sleeping, sleeping, and deep sleeping when you wake up. It rates the quality of your sleep on a percentage up to 100, so I feel super proud when I reach a high number (my career high, after one week, is 85%). There’s a choice of lovely alarms to wake up to as well. What does it say about me that I take an immense amount of pride in getting a good night’s sleep? Judge away, folks. Judge away. I WILL FACE YOUR JUDGEMENT EXTREMELY WELL-RESTED.

Back to the getting better sleep thing…it’s been shown that you should not look at any screens for an hour before you plan to go to bed for better quality sleep. My first reaction was, But…but…what the hell will I do for an hour? Read? Fold my laundry that’s been rumpled for days? Clean? Something else that is 9,867 times more productive than looking up recipes for my Vitamix?

So now, as much as I love seeing friends become homeowners and newly engaged and in wonderful places, I don’t do it constantly. Baby steps! Plus, I saw a status update from a friend of mine the other day that really resonated with me:

Three words you’ll never hear me say:

“I’m so jealous.”

When I see someone in love, I’m happy for the joy that their relationship creates.

When one of my friends is crushing it in business, making five or six figures a month, I’m happy for their success.

And when I see a friend of mine on Facebook skydiving, holding a tiger, partying in Ibiza, or snowboarding with some of my closest friends, I think: “Good for them. I’m so glad they could have that experience.”

Jealousy is poison. And making comparisons is a big waste of time.

Just do you.

PREACH. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I do get the jealousies now and then. I feel like it’s a natural reaction that subsides with maturity and your own success. It doesn’t serve as motivation. When you start feeling genuine happiness for people, and TELLING THEM you’re happy for them, it makes a genuine impact.

A few years back, I took a week off from Facebook, and found myself remarkably productive, friendly, and creative. The productive thing is totally understandable…when you can’t waste time, you don’t. The friendly thing was unexpected, and I think it came from wanting to connect in person, since I couldn’t do it from behind a computer screen. I think the creative came from – WOO WOO ALERT – looking inside myself for inspiration instead of other people. I journaled a bit. I read. I looked at my old photos. I did stuff on my own.

I got back on Facebook after the week with a new outlook on it. Maybe I should do it again? Have you ever taken an extended Facebook break?

This post was inspired by a prompt from Doniree Walker. Want to be inspired, too? Click here to for more details. Note: I’m an affiliate of Doniree’s, because I think she’s fantastic. I wouldn’t vouch for something that I didn’t think would help you, too :)

3 Responses to My Facebook Relationship, My New Favorite App, and The Hot Mess Index

  1. Glad that you’re finding your centre again and getting back to doing stuff that you gotta get off of your plate.

    However, I read your post and instantly had Vitamix-envy. I’ve somehow convinced myself that getting a Vitamix would magically get me to start cooking, when this probably isn’t true. But I could make some kick-ass smoothies with it!!!

    Good luck with work! Don’t let it make you miss out on living!

    • Thank you thank you! The Vitamix…man, I’ve used it everyday since I got it. I’ve only done smoothies so far, but they are DAMN GOOD SMOOTHIES. I fell hook, line and sinker for the presentation they gave for it on QVC. Look…you can make soups! Pasta sauce! Ice cream! Grind coffee beans! Planning on making soup sometime next week.

      Unrelated: I believe you could be the first-ever Canadian to post a comment on my blog, which you makes a pioneer.

      • I try to pioneer as many trends as possible — one of them gotta stick EVENTUALLY!!!

        The Vitamix is in my eventual future, I promise you! If I make a killing in Vegas in May, it’s so happening.

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