Vivir Mi Vida

It was a random Tuesday night, and all I wanted to do was dance. Like, shimmy my hips, move my feet side-to-side, flail my arms with reckless abandon, and, just in general, shake it fast.

And so off I drove, 25 minutes to my local pole and fitness studio. For the first time in months, I Zumbaed (is that a verb? If it wasn’t, it is now), and I heard a fantastic song I couldn’t stop playing through my head on the way home. It was in Spanish, so I could vaguely make out some of the words in the chorus, and it sounded a lot like Marc Anthony.

I get home, open up Spotify, and sure enough, the 1st result is a song called “Vivir Mi Vida,” and apparently it’s kind of a big deal on the salsa charts these days. The truth is, I’m starting to get tired of the song itself, but the translation of the lyrics is quite lovely.

Voy a vivir el momento
para entender el destino
Voy a escuchar en silencio
para encontrar el camino
I’m gonna live in the moment
to understand the fate
I’m gonna listen in silence
to find the way
I’ve been trying to listen to myself more lately. I don’t have to been DOING SOMETHING with every free moment. Five minutes, just sitting in thought, can provide remarkable clarity. It allows your mind to wander, and it might not be to a pleasant place, but quiet brings things to the surface. You’re allowed to FEEL ALL THE THINGS.

Y para qué llorar, ¿Pa’ qué?
Si duele una pena, se olvida
Y para qué sufrir, ¿Pa’ qué?
Si así es la vida, hay que vivirla
And why cry, for what?
If it hurts bad, forget it
And why suffer, for what?
If life is like this, you must live it
I don’t totally agree with this part. You cry because you’re sad, and it hurts because it just does. I’M SORRY YOUR LIFE IS SO GREAT AND YOU DON’T HAVE ANY FEELINGS, MARC. JK, I’m sure Marc has plenty of first-world problems and other things to worry about. The point is to move on and continue living despite suffering and all that jazz.

Siente y baila y goza,
que la vida es una sola
Voy a reír, voy a bailar
Vive, sigue, siempre pa’lante,
no mires pa’ atrás
Feel and dance and enjoy,
you only live once
I’m gonna laugh, I’m gonna dance
Live, always keep moving forward
Don’t look back
La vida es una sola. You only live once. You now know how to say YOLO in Spanish. You’re welcome.

Aside from the fact I’m now considering getting “La vida es una sola” tattooed on my wrist, listening to this album on repeat has reinvigorated my love for Spanish. I love how it sounds, how it flows seamlessly from one word to the next, and I miss being able to roll my “r”s without an explanation.

So, sometime in 2014, I plan on going to Costa Rica for a week, probably here, and just YOLO’ing so hard. I can’t wait. If any of y’all want to come, and I am dead serious about this, let’s discuss, preferably via Skype with cervezas in hand.

What are your favorite phrases in another language? My sister, who’s currently celebrating her birthday in Brazil (talk about YOLO), taught me how to say “GET UP OUT OF MY GRILL” in Portuguese earlier this summer, but now I forget

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  1. “I only have one life, & I want it to be a happy one!” (I wrote about this quote in my last blog post, courtesy of a 6-year-old girl, & I think it applies nicely here. I love all of these sentiments.)

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