Five Sneaky-Awesome Things to be Grateful For

I am coming towards the end of six days off for the holiday (PRAISE SCHEDULE JESUS), and my Thanksgiving was pretty fantastic. There was tea with my mom, the traditional turkey dinner with copious amounts of football, potatoes and pie, an oyster roast, and a little bit of shopping. I have so much to be grateful for – my family, friends, job, my developing cooking skillz, my plans for next year. But there’s always more I can appreciate. So, inspired by the always-great Nicole, here are five sneaky-awesome things I’m grateful for this year:

1. Something Your Body Can Do: Yoga

Never do I feel more graceful, weirdly athletic and structured than while staring laser-eyed at my right hand in Warrior I. I always question if my surgically-repaired knees will hold up or be sore or just collapse, and yet every time, they feel strong. Something about going seamlessly from one pose to the next…TWSS. Moving on.

2. The People Who Help You Without Even Knowing It:

Chelsea Latimer, for her constantly gorgeous, uplifting, authentic, so-very-California Instagram

Doniree, for making me want to travel more (to Portland in particular), start drinking whiskey/scotch/bourbon, experiment with cooking, and write like I talk.

Nicole, for her honest, hilarious advice, recipes and unbridled enthusiasm.

My friends who are fellow native New Englanders, for being down-to-earth yet proud, loud when excited, and having absolutely zero tolerance for anything or anyone fake.

My sister, the funniest person in my life, my biggest fan and most boss lady I know.

3. Something That Has Changed in the Past Year: The Way I Eat, Yo (I don’t know why I added Yo to that, I’m just gonna go with it)

More meat. Less bread. More veggies. Less sugar. MOAR CHEESE (but not too much). In general, more of the good, real, simple things (whole milk in my coffee FTW) and less of not-real, science-helped-make-this things. I’m cooking more and eating out less, which makes me feel like this. The food I make just tastes better and feels better to eat. In correlation with this, I’ve been sleeping more when possible (sleep is a glorious priority, y’all) and drinking water throughout the day. An epic discovery that is not that epic because it’s so simple: I feel unstoppable when I’m rested, hydrated, and fueled properly. GO FIGURE.

4. A Sh*tty Experience that has Taught You Something About Yourself: Screwing Up at Work

[long sigh] I am not the work I do. I am not the work I do. I am not the work I do.

So freaking hard to come to terms with, especially when, like me, you’re so passionate about your profession. Screwing up stats, not meeting creative expectations, comparing my work to others – it’s a vicious cycle I’m sort of starting to break. I can’t let where I work define me, even though it is an enormous part of why I’m happy. I fear sometimes I’m just the girl who works at ESPN. NO. I AM A WHOLE, COMPLICATED PERSON, DAMN IT.

5. Something You Have Enough Of: Food and Coffee

Ah, see #3 above. I adore grocery shopping, and am grateful I have the means to do it the way I want to: frequently and with excitement. I’m at the Foursquare mayor at my local Trader Joe’s (can I put that on my resume?). It’s my happy place, finding deliciousness among chaos. Each morning, I’m grateful for the Cold-Brew Coffee Concentrate to get my brain functioning. I’m grateful for the seasonal teas featuring the festive foxes/woodland creatures on boxes. I’m grateful for being introduced to brussels sprouts, butternut squash, sweet potato gnocchi, sprouted grain bread, multigrain baguettes, and a litany of other things. Trader Joe, whoever you are, thank you for being you.

Something I’ve been doing this year (and I think I’ve done it everyday), is keeping an Evernote notebook and just typing in one cool thing I’m grateful for that day. I’d like to think I was a pretty grateful person before, but I definitely think I am more now. Thanks to Nicole for the inspiring this post.

Also – if you want more awesome from Nicole and want to kick 2014 in the face (in an aggressive, motivated, not-angry way), she’s having a Cyber Monday special on her 15-step bullsh*t-free goal-setting formula that runs until Friday. Just click the link and enter the code “EffYeah2014″ at checkout. I haven’t done the formula myself, but I will tell you the two things I’ve done with Nicole – Bloggers in Sin City and the 30-Day Sugar Detox – were two of the best life decisions I’ve ever made. So her work is legit. I’m not an affiliate, I just think she’s the balls and she’s helped me a lot, and maybe she can help you, too.

3 Responses to Five Sneaky-Awesome Things to be Grateful For

  1. Megan, I love reading your blogs. You are hilarious and your true spirit shines through. I’m so glad I get to keep up with your life through your writing. And I think #4 is something a lot of struggle with. It’s a challenge to not feel defined by our career or role in our loved ones life. Your awareness of this is only going to make you achieve more happiness and success in your job. Keep the blog posts coming! xoxo

    • KRISTEN! So fantastic to see your comment. To hear you say my spirit shines through…it means a lot to me. It really does. I’ll do my best to keep the blog posts coming – I have a feeling I will have a lot to write about. Please keep in touch :)

  2. This is all kinds of wonderful, Meg, and I TOTALLY agree!

    Here’s to a wonderful 2014 and more sneaky awesome things that we can all be grateful for!

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